Presentation at the WYOMING-TWS Meeting

I will present research on drought-induced variability of sagebrush ecosystem productivity in the Upper Green River Basin at the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in Jackson, WY. My presentation is part of the session entitled: Grassland & Sagebrush Environments. We think this work is noteworthy because it deals with an important disturbance (drought) in an important habitat in the West (the Sagebrush Sea). Such a disturbance can have cascading effects on scores of species that live in the sagebrush ecosystem. The project could not have come to fruition without the collaboration of my partners at the Wyoming Game and Fish and the Natural Resources Conservation Service and funding from the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative. I hope to submit the manuscript for publication shortly.

*Banner image: the Sagebrush Sea at the foot of the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming.

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