Call for Papers: Remote Sensing of Wildfire

The open access journal Remote Sensing has a call for papers related to remote sensing of wildfire. The topics of interest are diverse, ranging from wildfire risk to the ecological effects of fire. Full details can be found here.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 June 2018

Wildfires (which include forest fires, grass fires, brush fires, bush fires, and peat fires, among others) are an integral part of so many ecosystems across the world. In general, these fires are primarily viewed negatively despite their favorable contributions. Here, the purpose is to gather scientists/researchers related to this topic, aiming to highlight ongoing research investigations and new applications in the field. In this framework, the editors of this Special Issue would like to invite both applied and theoretical research contributions; submissions of original works furthering knowledge concerned with any aspect of the use of remote sensing in wildfires. Note that these manuscripts must be, not only unpublished, but also not under consideration for potential publication elsewhere. In addition, the manuscripts must employ one of the following remote sensing data types: Optical, thermal, hyperspectral, active and passive microwave acquired by either airborne or spaceborne remote sensing platforms, dealing with wildfires. The topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • Comprehending of the pre-fire conditions,
  • Forecasting of wildfire danger/risk,
  • Modelling of wildfire behavior,
  • Fighting the wildfire,
  • Modelling prescribed burning,
  • Relation between vegetation phenology and fire,
  • Monitoring of the vegetation recovery following the fire events,
  • Mapping of burn area and ecological impacts,
  • Modelling of smoke propagation, and
  • Analyzing of historical fire regimes, among others.

Dr. Quazi K. Hassan
Dr. George P. Petropoulos
Guest Editors

*Banner image: Landsat 8 image of the Sand Fire in southern California from NASA Earth Observatory.

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